Web & MobileIntegrate Your Customer's Shoe Fit into Your Online Shop

Personalized Shoe Shopping

Today's ecommerce world is nothing short of overcrowded. Customers literally have hundreds of choices when it comes to one single product, and loyalty to one online resource isn't typical behavior online. With overwhelming choices, it's easy for customers to become frustrated as they try to find the right product at the right price. But personalized, targeted recommendations often solve this problem for customers, leading them to the right products on your site again and again.

ShoeDNA Cloud

Integrate your customer and their shoe fit into your online store. Connect your store to our easy to use API.

Higher Conversion, less Returns

The customer doesn't have to care about shoesizes any more. The shop automatically preselects the right size based on virtual tryons in the background. Only the shoe models of interest show up, which are fitting to the individual customer needs.

Anonymous Customer

If your Customer is not logged in, he is already able to select his typical shoesize. All shown shoes will then automatically have preselected the right size, dependant on the different shapes.

Virtual Tryon

Integrate a JavaScript Plugin into your Web Shop to perform a virtual Tryon based on the customers feet and the selected shoe. The customer will get a deep 3D impression how good the shoe will fit to his feet.

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Include the Virtual Tryon Widget your way and in your colors to fit perfectly into your Store.