Best FitPerfectly advise and get to know your customers

Fast and well-founded fit advisory

The scanned feet are compared very fast to a huge number of shoes in stock of the retailer to show how good the different models fit to the individual needs of the customer.


Once scanned, the customer can get fit advice in the online and offline store. Therefore the different channels are connected closely together and the multichannel retailer can substantially differentiate to the pure online stores.

Virtual Tryon

The selected shoes can be tried on virtually. The screen shows a 3d visualization of the foot inside of the shoe so it is clearly visible where possible fit problems can occur. Based on that information it is easy to explain to the customer which shoe and why it fits best to the personal needs.

Get high grade customer information

While advising the customer the sales staff is easily assisted to store relevant customer information. Based on this the retailer is able to get in direct contact with his customer and can make personalized offers of shoes which will fit to the consumer.

Objective and easy to understand advice

The shop staff can show exactly how good shoes are fitting to the customer. Therefore he can convince without getting all the shoe models in interest from stock. The whole process is more efficient for the retailer and more satisfying for the customer.

Higher Average Sales Price

The average sales price of our customers is typically raised about 15% due to a better confirmability of the individual product selection for the customer. When the customer understands why a more expensive product is more suitable for himself, it is much easier to sell that product.

Easy Steps from Fit Advisory to Sales

In the video you'll see the steps of the sales process:

Analysis When the customer is scanned you can give profound feedback based on a huge statistical database of all our footscans how the individual feet will differ from the average.

Shoes All the shoes of the retailer are very fast virtual tried on to show beside each shoe model how good it will fit to the customers feet. The list can be sorted by shoe fit and each model will give detailed fit feedback.

Virtual Tryon If the customer is interested in even more details the shoe can be virtually tried on within a 3D based on a simulation. Here it clearly shows how the foot will fit into the selected shoe and potential problems are visible.