lightbeamProfile and Convince Your Customer

Proven Technology

With the lightbeam 3D Scanner customers are scanned mobile and stationary every day over the world. Up to now more than 250.000 feet are scanned with this proven and stable technology.

Precise 3D Measurement

The lightbeam 3D footscanner digitizes the feet of your customers fast and precise.Compared to other scanners, which are interpolating a lot of the surface, the whole upper side of the foot is is exactly 3D measured.

We offer two models: the lightbeam reg scans up to above the ankle and the lightbeam max is able to scan up to the knee and has an integrated pressure sensor for the footsole.


Regardless where your customer connect to your online or offline store: the individual information is always available for a perfect advice.

Maintenance Free

The lightbeam must not be regularly maintained like for calibrations or other tasks. Don't care about complex tech, just use it.

Foot Comparison

The feet of the scanned customer are compared immediately with thousands of other feet to see differences. The combination of these deviant individual shapes are often the reason for problems with standard shaped shoes.

Hygienic and Convenient

For scanning the customers feet are surrounded with a specially marked sock which hides the foot from others view. Because the foot has never direct contact to the scanner the system is also very hygienic.

lightbeam at Sport Schuster in Munich

See in the video how the famous retailer in Munich has succesfully integrated the lightbeam system into his store (German Comments only).