Forget Shoesizes!

    Never care about fit any more. We show the right shoes and sizes individually for you, wether buying online or in the shoe store.

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    Sport Conrad

    South of Munich and the wonderful Lake of Starnberg customers can rely on the leading experts for hiking shoes and ski boots at Sport Conrad in Penzberg. They are using the lightbeam 3D footscanner to find the best possible shoes for their customers.

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    At BIKETOWN from legendary Rose Online Store customers are scanned with our Lightbeam 3D foot scanner to find the best fitting cycling shoe out of more than 100 different models.

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    Since autumn 2013 Schuster in Munich uses the lightbeam system to advice its customers to find the best shoe.

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    ERTLRENZ customizes ski boots for competitions like the worldcup: based on a 3D footscan the shell of the boot is reshaped in the factory to perfectly fit the athlete.

    In addition the liner will be foamed exactly matching the customers 3D scan. This provides the best possible stability and enables skiing performance at its best.

    Capturing Shoefit

    The ShoeDNA scanner creates an exact 3D model of the inside of every shoe. Together with your foot scan and our intelligent fitting software we can perform a virtual try on and automatically find the shoes that fit to your feet.

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